Pedometers For Sale

Welcome to our website. Here you will learn about pedometers for sale. Pedometers are a great investment toward your goal for better health. As we all know, walking has been proven to be one of the most beneficial exercises for folks to participate in. Over the course of a day, it's hard to judge how far you walked. Pedometer's are an easy inexpensive way to keep track of your daily walking routine. They can also serve as motivation by letting you know when you have reached a goal number of steps or distance for the day.

There are many pedometers for sale ranging from very simple for a few dollars to fancy for over $30. They also range in size from barely noticeable to the size of a pager. Simpler pedometers just count the number of steps. The fancier models have features to make your walking routine easier to monitor. A basic simple pedometer that only counts steps is very affordable, but as with most gadgets, there are models with more features that may be desirable. Below is a list of common extra features you might want to consider.

Pedometer Features

  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Clock and Timer
  • Memory to save previous days
  • Pulse monitoring
  • There's even a talking pedometer with voice announcement
  • Safety Alarm
  • Accuracy rating
  • Durability

As you can see, a pedometer can do more than just count steps. Some fitness experts advise walking 10,000 steps a day to maintain overall fitness. Also a general rule of thumb is 2000 steps equals one mile, so for rough estimates, a simple counter model will suffice. However, for slightly more money, you can purchase models that will do a lot more.

Below is a short Pedometer demonstration video